Network Services

Network Services


There has been an explosive growth of network capable technologies in the industries C&C Group serves. This growth has driven us to provide successful solutions to our customers' data communication needs. We have created many unique and flexible solutions to allow facilities management, communications, and security departments their own secure infrastructure while still existing on the corporate network.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs


  • VoIP implementation - see the complete ShoreTel product line
  • Server and Desktop monitoring and maintenance
  • Cabling plant design and implementation
  • Network Storage (SAN, NAS etc..)
  • Complete wireless deployments
  • Digital Video Technologies
  • Network Security Services Include:
  • Threat Assessment
  • PCI Compliance/Assessment
Our Network Services staff has extensive knowledge of IT infrastructure and wireless technologies, which allows us to provide our clients with compatible and reliable data communication solutions. By utilizing current technologies and best practices, we aim for a rapid return on investment for any project. Working in a collaborative approach with each client, we use our years of experience to ensure that each installation, based on proven technologies and standards, will allow scalability into the future. We offer systems & solutions with planning, designing, engineering, installation, monitoring, and maintenance.

C&C Group is proud to solidify our relationships with some of the leading technology companies in the industry:

  • 3Com Focus Gold Partner
  • Citrix Silver Solution Advisor
  • Fortinet

As the leading systems integrator in the Midwest, C&C Group understands the network requirements of facility, fire, and security systems. Sometimes getting your systems on the “Company Network” can be a difficult process. Our network professionals are there to communicate your needs to the IT department in terms both sides can understand.

Comprehensive Network Services


  • Mesh Data & Video solutions for emergency services
  • Video specific Mesh solutions
  • WiMAX and WiFi technologies
  • Solutions for Internet access and commercial VPNs
  • Cost effective edge of the network solutions
  • CCTV connectivity without trenching
  • Connect to the "building next door" for no additional recurring costs
  • Private frequency access solutions for Municipalities & Emergency Servicespersonnel
  • Remote job-site applications
  • Combine with wireless point to multipoint solutions

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