Building Automation

Building Automation


Maintaining proper control in a building not only saves money, but is important in sustaining the comfort and health of the occupants. Temperature, lighting, power, security and more can all be networked, scheduled, and controlled to improve and sustain efficiency in buildings. C&C Group’s Building Automation system integrators work with select manufacturers to provide you with open architecture solutions to meet even the most challenging design sequences. From demand control ventilation and complex central plant operations, to optimal operation controls, C&C Group has the answer for all your facility operational needs. We provide flexible solutions with building automation systems that meet the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.

To learn how C&C Group can help you reduce operational costs, enhance staff productivity, resolve comfort issues and improve air quality contact us at one of our convenient locations.

Facility Monitoring


The C&C Group's Facility Monitoring service is more than a reactive response to typical facility related alarms. Our proactive approach to facility diagnostics targets a reduction in repair costs and decreases in periodic maintenance time at your facility. With a Facility Monitoring package in conjunction with a quality service program, we can monitor and evaluate your facilities automation system on a regular basis.

Monitoring Benefits:

  • Improved productivity from your existing maintenance staff
  • System issues are found before they become problems
  • Quicker response times for you & your clients
  • Increased awareness of small remote facilities
  • Fewer occupant comfort complaints
  • Maintain systems at their most economic and optimum performance levels
  • Help control operating and utility costs
  • Protect your facilities equipment investment

Monitoring Programs:


To help you get the most out of your automation system, the C&C Group's staff of professionals provides a comprehensive review of your system weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Adding The C&C Group to your team provides a second set of eyes on your system.

What we do:
  • Examine and verify alarm, alert, and exception log data
  • Review space temperatures
  • Record high and low room temperatures, outside air, and relative humidity
  • Establish operational base-line data for future reference
  • Create custom trends to watch problem areas and equipment
  • Notify you of potential issues before they become problems
  • Assist your maintenance staff in determining the source of a problem
  • Organize system access and status notes into a custom monitoring database
  • Respond to critical alarms*
  • E-mailed monthly reports
  • Year-end printed reports

(* Alarm notification services optional)


Careful evaluation of a problem can also save you money by eliminating service charges from contacting the wrong contractor and reduce finger pointing.


Warranty Programs:

Implementing a Facility Monitoring Assistance Program while under warranty is a low cost and vital first step in protecting your investment.
On a new construction or retrofit project, the building's control system communicates to multiple manufacturers' and vendors' equipment. This equipment may be new and most often crucial to your facility's operation. Our Facility Monitoring Services keeps an eye on your facility as a whole, not just the equipment we provided.

Warranty Monitoring Benefits

  • Economical assessment of your system by our trained service and engineering staff
  • Evaluate any facility-related equipment that is connected to the building automation system
  • Increase the effectiveness of your staff in monitoring the operational status of other vendors' equipment that is also under the warranty period
  • Establishing operational base-line data for future reference
  • Maintain a proactive relationship with your facility controls system
  • Improve overall quality control of your facilities equipment and services
  • Simplify the transition from the warranty period to a custom service program, eliminating out-of-warranty surprises
 We keep an eye on your facility systems as a whole, not just the equipment we provided.



  • Truly Web Based Systems
  • Multiple Database Support
  • Complete Line of Programmable Controllers
  • Extensive Line of Configurable Controllers
  • Complete Design-Build Services
  • System Design Consultation


Temperature Controls Demo
Our Open Systems Solutions provides you with connectivity and control to most any building controls system. Try it now:

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Control Technologies


The building controls industry has evolved substantially over the last decade. Multiple open protocol communication standards now offer building owners more capabilities than ever before. These technologies provide a backbone for data gathering, control, energy savings, and integration into other systems. C&C Group's extensive experience and expertise in these standards provides our customers targeted solutions to everyday operations that were not cost effective just a few years ago.

Controls Products

Schneider Electric's TAC I/A Series Intelligent Automation
Schneider Electric's Power and Energy Monitoring Systems